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Call us at 1-888-826-6342

Call us at 1-888-826-6342



Online Store

How do G set up a login?

Whenever you are ready, you will be asked to set up a unique login and password on our secure server, when checking out from the cart or by clicking the 'register' button located in the upper right-hand side of the home page. Your username will be your e-mail address. If you have ordered from OMEGA online before, you should be all set to continue.

How do you change or reset password if forgotten?

Customers can change their passwords from the website homepage, afeter signing-in (located upper right-hand side), then go into "My Account". Once inside of "My Account" choose the link for Password and follow directions. If password is forgotten, click Link "Forgot your password" when trying to sign in.

What payment options are available in OMEGA's Online Store?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, we also offer NET 30 credit terms upon approval. See payment options for more information payment options.

How do I enter a payment option when placing an order in OMEGA's Online Store?

OMEGA will prompt you to enter a payment method during the checkout process. If you are an existing OMEGA customer with credit terms, you will also have the option to pay "on account," and you can enter your purchase order number. We will bill your online order to your OMEGA customer account number. If you do not have credit set-up, you can complete the Credit Application to apply.

How will I know that my order has been placed?

After you have placed your order, you will receive an immediate webpage acknowledgement with an order number. You will also receive an immediate email acknowledgement of your order. Later you will receive a follow-up email with the anticipated ship date for your order and a link to your order details.

6.How can I access my account data?

After you have registered and log-in proceed to “My Account” and select appropriate options.


How can I place an order with OMEGA?

Our ecommerce is open 24/7 and is the easiest way to get your order in, but you can also call our teams, e-mail, or fax your orders. For e-mail orders, please use sales@omega.com, and include the following information for faster processing:
Purchase Order Number
Billing and Shipping Addresses
Part No., Quantity, Price, and Description of Items Ordered
Telephone Number of Requisitioner

How can I download an invoice?

For orders placed with Omega prior to the launch date of our new site, please contact us for assistance. Orders placed with omega from this moment on, will display under the "My Account" section and remain available for 60 days. View your Order History for order status and invoices. Invoices are available after items have shipped.

How can I order by part number?

If you know the part number, you can add the part directly to the shopping cart using the Quick Order feature on the home page.

Where can I get help placing an order?

To chat with an OMEGA representative during business hours, you can use the "Live Chat" button located on the top left of the website header or send a note asking for assistance. You can also contact us for any requests through the channels below:

Sales US:

Sales Canada:

Tel: 800-826-6342
Email: sales@omega.com
Staffed hours: 8 am – 8pm EST

Tel: 800-826-6342
Email: sales@omega.com
Staffed hours: 8 am – 5pm EST

How can I order a product with a nonstandard part number?

OMEGA offers products in various configurations. Most of these configurations are available from our ecommerce, where you can choose the specifications that meet your needs by searching, browsing and configuring. Some of our products are also easy to configure through our powerful configurators. If you are having issues placing an order for a configured product that you have bought before, please reach out to our customer service team.

Can I change contact information on an order after it has been created?

No, generally once your orders has been created, it may not be changed.

Can I add an “Attention to” line remarks on an order for detailed information?

No, “Attention to” line remarks are not available

Can you change the ship-to address after an item has shipped?

No, Ship-to addresses may not be modified after entry.

How do I add new ship-to addresses to the address book?

For corporate Net30 customers, contact the CSR if you do not see correct shipping address. For Credit Card users, ship-to’s can be created at time of order.

Can you cancel items on an order, after a partial shipment?

No, Contact your Customer Service Representative

Can you add items to an order, after the order has been placed and confirmed/ completed?

No, A new order will need to be placed

Who do I contact if I need to return or exchange material?

See the Returns/Repairs section.

Where can I access the status of orders?

You can access your Order Status, whether placed online or not, by logging into your account and viewing your Order History. Your orders will be stored for 60 days. If you do not have a password, you will need to create one using the email registered with the order.

How can I obtain a quote for products?

To obtain a quote for products you plan to purchase later or to pass on information to a buyer, add the product you want to your cart, then there are two options:

  1. You can share your cart directly with another user. Click "Share Cart", fill the form out and the other person should receive an e-mail and your message.
  2. You can click "Create a Quote". With this document, you have your pricing locked for 30 days. Quotes are saved to your account and can easily be converted into an order once you're ready to buy. You will receive a copy of your quote via e-mail automatically.
  3. You can save your cart for later. Saved carts are great options for putting together a list of products that you're browsing for a project. Saved carts do not guarantee pricing or availability.
Please note that availability is not locked and is subject to change.


How can I retrieve a quote later?

You can retrieve the quote by accessing your account and viewing My Quotes.

How long are quotes valid?

All quotes are valid for 30 days and are subject to OMEGA's Terms and Conditions.

Does OMEGA offer quantity discounts?

Many OMEGA products have quantity discount schedules. For large quantities and for products that do not have discount schedules listed, please contact us.

Does OMEGA offer OEM discounts?

OMEGA offers OEM discounts to all qualified manufacturers. Contact us for further information.

Payment Options

What are OMEGA's typical payment options?

OMEGA accepts customer accounts or credit cards, including MasterCard, VISA, and American Express. We charge your card only once we have shipped the order. We currently do not accept debit cards.

When does OMEGA recommend credit card payment?

OMEGA recommends credit card payment for any type of order By using your credit card online, we can speed order processing and confirmation. Please see the Security and Privacy topic for information on OMEGA's practices for ensuring your transaction is fully secured.

Is there an alternative to providing credit card information online?

Yes, a sales representative can speak with you by phone to acquire your credit card information. Fill your cart with the items you would like to purchase, you'll see a Cart ID, have this number ready when you call. Please see the Customer Service topic for contact information.

Can I pay using a purchase order?

Yes, existing OMEGA customers with an established customer number and line of credit may use a purchase order when the total order amount exceed $500. If your order qualify, simply choose "Pay by Account" when you check out on the payment page. Then fill in the Purchase Order and OMEGA Customer Account Number information.

How can I open a credit account with OMEGA?

If you want to open a NET30 terms account with OMEGA, please submit your request to our credit department by filling out this form. Our team will review and respond in 72 business hours.

How can I request terms from OMEGA?

OMEGA extends terms of Net 30 days to all customers who have established an open account with OMEGA. To request payment terms, you must fill out a credit application and submit it.

Where should I send a payment by check to OMEGA?

Send a payment by check to the following address:

Omega Engineering, Inc.

Omega Sensing Solutions ULC

26904 Network Place
Chicago, IL 60673-1269

PO Box 15793 , Station A
Toronto, ON M5W 1C1

Where should I send a payment by wire transfer to OMEGA?

Please contact our customer service to accommodate for this request.

Does OMEGA charge sales tax?

Yes. Unless a tax-exempt certificate is on file for your organization, OMEGA will apply applicable tax to orders shipping to all provinces.

What is OMEGA's GST Tax Registration number?

Please contact Canada Accounting Department to request this information.

What is OMEGA's Tax ID (W-9)?

Download Omega’s W9

Why does my bank statement show multiple charges?

Credit cards are charged at time of shipment. If order has a partial shipment, the CC will be charged for that portion of the shipment.


How will I know if a product I want to order is available to ship?

Products that are in stock and ready to ship will be indicated. If a product is not in stock, OMEGA will provide you with our best estimate of when the product will be available. The availability information shown on our web site and provided by our sales staff is the most up-to-date information we have; however, it is subject to change. You can still place an order for items on backorder and we will ship when available. You will not be charged until the item ships.

Can I receive a partial order if not all products are available to ship?

If some of the products in your order are not in stock, we will ship what is available and ship the rest to you as it come in stock for no extra shipping charge.

How soon does OMEGA ship products after I place my order?

OMEGA targets same-day shipment for in-stock items on standard orders entered before 3 pm EST, 11am for Canada, unless credit issues prevent order processing. For export orders, we will advise you of estimated ship dates by email after complete order review and approval.

How can I ship with a carrier other than DHL, UPS or FedEx?

If you must ship with a carrier other than DHL, UPS or FedEx, please contact us to place your order by phone. We encourage you to use our Flat-Rate shipping options for fastest processing.

Can we use our own shipping account number?

Yes, you have the option of providing and using your own shipping account number. If you have a freight account with DHL, UPS or FedEx, we offer multiple options to ship with any of these shipping companies and we'll bill your account directly. Just chose your preferred carrier and method and provide your account number in the appropriate field when checking out. Note that charges may be higher as the order will ship from the USA and the customs broker will likely collect duties/tax before allowing entry.

What are OMEGA's domestic shipping rates?

We offer special UPS Flat rates which apply to most orders and if you select this option you will only be charged for the product, ship cost (one-time), and applicable Canada tax (No Duty or tariff). All shipping charges to Canadian locations are flat-rate as follows, unless you provide us with your carrier account number when checking out:



UPS Ground - $15.00

UPS Ground - $24.00

UPS 3rd Day Air - $24.00


UPS 2nd Day Air - $28.00

UPS 2nd Day Air - $45.00

UPS Next Day Air - $63.00

UPS Next Day Air - $60.00

What are OMEGA's charges for overweight, oversize items?

Additional shipping charges may apply for overweight or oversize items.

What are OMEGA's charges for international orders?

Additional charges apply for international orders, which are shown at time of checkout.

Omega Canada does not ship to International locations. Please visit one of our global websites or our USA website if your order is destined outside of Canada.

Do some products require special shipping arrangements?

Yes, hazardous items such as lithium batteries and some epoxies require ground shipment. Some time-sensitive items, such as temperature labels, require next-day air shipment. By next day, OMEGA means next business day. You will be notified when and how your order ships via email.

Are there special provisions for large-quantity orders?

Lead times listed for non-stock items may be longer for larger quantities. Also, large-quantity orders are subject to review before you can cancel or return them.

Where can I access a copy of OMEGA's Export Controls Compliance Policy?

You can access a copy of OMEGA's Export Controls Compliance Policy here however Omega Canada does not ship Internationally.

What is my tracking number?

Tracking #’s can be viewed through your on-line account. Log-in into your profile account, select ‘My Account’, then choose ‘Order History’, select the specified order, then view the ‘Tracking #’.


What is OMEGA's standard warranty?

Many OMEGA products feature warranties beyond industry standards. It's our way of saying, "Thank you for choosing OMEGA.” OMEGA stands behind its products 100%, because OMEGA products stand up to your expectations. Our precision engineering and manufacturing ensure that your process will run smoothly with our equipment.
Warranties are product specific and are available with the product.

What is OMEGA's Warranty/Disclaimer Statement?

OMEGA's Warranty/Disclaimer states the following:

  1. The Supplier Warrants that all Products shall be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for a period of one year from delivery to the Buyer, or such other period, If any, as specified in the Product specific warranty typically supplied with the Product, provided, however, that the Supplier does not warrant that operation of the Software (defined in Clause14) will be uninterrupted or error free or that all program errors will be corrected. The Buyer shall be responsible for determining that the Product is suitable for the Buyer's use and that such use complies with any applicable law.
  2. The Supplier warrants that it shall perform the Services substantially in accordance with the Proposal and with reasonable skill and care.
  3. Provided that the Buyer notifies the Supplier in writing of any claimed defect in the Product immediately upon discovery and any such Product is returned at the Buyer's risk to the Supplier, transpotation charges prepaid, within one year from date of delivery and upon examination the Supplier determines to its satisfaction, after a reasonable period to inspect such Products, that such Product is defective in material or workmanship, the Supplier shall, at its option, repair or replace the Product, shipment to the Buyer prepaid.
  4. The Supplier shall have a reasonable time to make such repairs or to replace such Product. Any repair or replacement of Products shall not extend the period of warranty. This warranty is limited to a period of one year, or such other period, if any, as specified in the Product specific warranty typically supplied with the Product, without regard to whether any claimed defects were discoverable or latent on delivery.
  5. Services which do not conform with the warranty under Section 2 and which are notified to the Supplier within 10 days of the Buyer becoming aware of the same, and in any event no later than 2 months after the date on which the Services were performed, shall, if the Supplier agrees they were non-conforming, be re-performed as soon as reasonably practicable after the Supplier's receipt of notice of the non-confirming Services, If the Supplier fails to rectify any deficient performace of the Services, the Buyer's sole remedy shall be reimbursement of that portion of the fees attributable to the Services concerned.
  6. The Supplier shall not be liable for the breach of the warranty in respect of Products supplied if:
    1. the Buyer makes thriller use of such Products after giving the notice required in Section 3;
    2. the defect or failure arises from the Buyer's own fault;
    3. the defect arises from any drawing, design or specification supplied by the Buyer or from other materials or other property supplied by the Buyer or from any parts or items that have not been completely manufactured by the Supplier;
    4. the defect arises other than out of manufacture including without limitation, circumstances of accident, misuse, unforeseeable use, neglect, alteration, improper installation, improper adjustment, improper repair, or improper testing;
    5. the defect arises out of the use of the Products in conjunction with products or materials not reasonably contemplated by the Supplier;
    6. the failure or defect results from the Buyer's unauthorised addition to or modification of, or failure to comply with the Supplier's written instructions relating to, the Products or Services; and
    7. the failure or defect arises out of any breach by the Buyer of its obligations to provide information to the Supplier under this Agreement.
  7. If the Buyer fails to pay when due any portion of any payment due from the Buyer to the Supplier under a Contract or otherwise, all warranties and remedies granted under this section may, at the Supplier's option, be terminated.


What is OMEGA's return policy?

We accept returns within 90 days of the original invoice date. Returns must be in the original packaging, not used, and in resalable condition. Any credit is pending inspection of the returned product. Restock fees may apply after 30 days.

Can I return every product?

You can return most products, with a few exceptions. You cannot return special-ordered "Built-to-order or Custom" products or those specified as "Non-Cancelable/Non-Returnable." Large-quantity returns are subject to review.

How can I obtain warranty or non-warranty service

Please fill out the return form online and we will create a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. In the comments, please let us know if you have consulted with technical support, have a case number, or have other information that would be helpful. This information will speed up the return process.

How do I make a return?


  1. To start a return, find the order containing the item(s) you’d like to return in the Order History section of My Account. If any items are eligible for return, you can click the RETURN ORDER button.
    • If you don't see the return button, or the line item is not visible, please contact customer care for review.
  2. Enter the quantity of the item(s) you’d like to return, if they are in the original packaging, and the reason for return, then click, Confirm.
  3. Review your submission, you’ll see the restocking fee amount, if applicable, and submit.
  4. Once the return completes, you’ll see the return details, including your RMA number and instructions to return. This will be available at any time by going into the Returns History section of My Account.
  5. If you are responsible for shipping costs, you’ll receive instructions on where to send your item(s). If Omega is responsible, you’ll receive a mailing label to apply to your package before dropping it off with the shipping carrier.
  6. Next, pack the item carefully. Affix the shipping label and send the item back within 30 days of starting the return online.


What if I’m returning from outside the United States?

Same process applies as above, just be sure to add a commercial invoice on the outside of the box for customs.

How can I find out the status of my return?

To see the status of your return, log into your My Account and go to Return History. Click into the return in question for details of that return and its status.

Where do you process returns?

We have several return processing centers. You will receive the correct return address with your assigned RMA. We do not accept packages at the office in Norwalk, CT.

When do I need a safety sheet?

If you are returning an unopened item to stock, a safety sheet is not required. If the item has been opened or is a return for service and your product has been in contact with fluid, gas, or an environment that requires special safety handling, please fill out our Return Request Safety Assurance Certificate prior to return. We may require a safety sheet before issuing an RMA.

Can I return a product to OMEGA and trade toward another product?

Yes. If you're ready to upgrade your OMEGA product, you may be able to trade in and qualify for a substantial discount on the latest models. Call Customer Service for details.

Who can I call for information on Repair Service?

For information on Repair Service, contact us at:

Email: cservice@omega.com
Sales: Tel: 800-826-6342

Calibration Services

Does OMEGA offer calibration services?

Yes, we offer a range of primary and secondary NIST traceable standards for use in calibration.

Where can I learn more about your calibration services?

Access in-depth information is available on our calibration services page located in the Calibration Services section of our website.

Who can I contact about my specific calibration requirements?

Contact Customer Service to discuss your specific calibration requirements.

Custom Engineering

Does OMEGA offer custom engineering?

OMEGA offers the most sophisticated and extensive Custom Engineering capabilities in the process measurement and control industry. Our custom manufacturing capabilities extend and reinforce our customer driven philosophy.

What range of custom engineering does OMEGA do?

OMEGA can accommodate your special request, whether you need a simple modification of a standard product or complete customized system engineering.

Can OMEGA design and build products that don't appear on your website?

Yes. We can design and build what you need and can manufacture a product and inventory to meet your special requests. We also provide free technical information that helps you select the products that best suit your application.

What is the minimum order for custom products?

The minimum order for custom products is $1,000.

What levels of custom engineering can OMEGA manage?

We are capable of three levels of custom engineering work:
Level 1: custom modifications
Level 2: new product design
Level 3: complete systems engineering

Contact OMEGA

What are OMEGA's hours of operation?

OMEGA's hours of operation are Monday to Friday 8 am – 8 pm EST.

Sales, Support and Customer Service

How can I contact OMEGA Customer Service?

You can contact Customer Service using the information below.

Customer Service

U.S.A. & CANADA: 1-800-848-4286
International: (203) 359-1660
24 hr. FAX (203) 359-7700
Staffed hours: 8 am – 8 pm EST, 8 am – 5 pm EST (Canada)


Where can I download software for OMEGA products?

Software related to the products you are buying will be linked directly from the product page under the "Software" tab

Where can I access product manuals?

Manuals related to the products you are buying will be linked directly from the product page under the "Manuals" tab

Where can I access product accessories?

Accessories related to the products you are buying will be linked directly from the product page under the "Accessories" tab

Where can I access information on restriction of hazardous substances for OMEGA products?

The Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS2) became effective January 2, 2013. In accordance with RoHS2, the RoHS Directive now applies to products in previously excluded electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) categories 8 and 9 (medical devices and monitoring and control instruments). However, RoHS2 deals with the same hazardous substances and the same maximum concentration limits as Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS1). Therefore, all products that were compliant with the substance restrictions of RoHS1 remain compliant with the substance restrictions of RoHS2.

Like RoHS1 which was enacted to improve environmental quality, RoHS2 restricts the use of the following six substances (four heavy metals and two brominated flame retardants) in equipment distributed to member states of the European Union.

1.Lead (Pb)0.1%
2.Mercury (Hg)0.1%
3.Cadmium (Cd)0.01%
4.Hexavalent Chromium (Cr VI)0.1%
5.Polybrominated biphenyls (PBB)0.1%
6.Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE)0.1%

As an environmentally responsible company, OMEGA Engineering, Inc. is committed to following the RoHS2 directive through continual and diligent monitoring of our vast lines of temperature, pressure, flow, pH, heater, and data acquisition products.

ISO #9001 Quality

At OMEGA, we recognize that commitment to quality is the key to customer satisfaction and reaching new service levels. It is OMEGA's policy to provide basic products that meet the quality expectations of our customers in a timely manner and at a fair price. Our outlook for the future is to continue worldwide growth with growing locations, expanding product lines and enhanced service systems. Ongoing success and growth are dependent on our talented employees, suppliers and our customers, working together as a team through positive communication. OMEGA has been certified as being in compliance with the requirements of ANSI/ASQC-Q91 for the design, manufacture and distribution of temperature, flow, pH, heating, data acquisition, pressure, environmental instruments and related process equipment, accessories, and custom assemblies, plus provision of calibration services and technical and scientific literature.

We strive to maintain the worldwide quality standards set forth by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) through employee training, rigorous internal auditing, structured and controlled documents, and all required elements as approved by BSI Management Systems, our international accredited registrar.It is the policy of OMEGA to comply with all worldwide safety and EMC/EMI regulations that apply. OMEGA is consistantly pursuing certification of its products to the European New Approach Directives. OMEGA will add the CE mark to every appropriate device upon certification. Our commitment to our customers worldwide includes CE labelled products for distribution within the European Union.

OMEGA was founded on the above principles and will continue to maintain and improve its performance as a part of our ongoing commitment to quality. View the ISO9001 Certificate of Registration.

Corporate Status

Large Business, incorporated in Delaware. Established 1962.

Federal ID No.:(TIN)06-6041011 W-9 FormSIC Code:3823
Duns Reference No.:001455856NAICS:334513
Our Terms:Net 30 days subject to credit approval.ISO Certified:ISO-9001
Sales Manager:(203) 359-1660FOB Point:Norwalk, CT
EEO Information:(203) 359-7757CAGE Code29907
Quality Issues:(203) 359-7757

Sales and/or use tax jurisdiction and registration, permit, account or license numbers

New Jersey
SS OHB 99-23 2524

Privacy and Security

Does OMEGA provide customer identifiable information to third parties?

OMEGA does not sell, trade, rent, or otherwise provide customer identifiable information to third parties (except as required by subpoena, search warrant, or other legal process). OMEGA may, however, provide this information to its affiliated companies in an effort to serve you better.

How does OMEGA safeguard the security of customer information?

OMEGA has implemented technology, security features, and strict policy guidelines to safeguard the privacy of customer information from unauthorized access or improper use. We continue to enhance our security procedures as new technology becomes available.

Where can I obtain additional information about online privacy at OMEGA?

You may email questions or concerns about your online privacy to OMEGA at info@omega.com.

How does OMEGA provide a secure online experience?

We use a high level of security provided by VeriSign, the leading authority in data encryption. Submitting your order to OMEGA's Online Store is allowed only in a secure mode enabling Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. This insures that your private and critical information, such as your credit card number, your name, company name, addresses, and telephone numbers are encrypted. In addition, our registration with a site identification authority enables positive identification and verification that you have reached OMEGA online.

Is there an alternative to providing credit card information online?

Yes, you can speak with a sales representative by phone and provide your credit card information. Or you can print your order and fax it to us. Please see the Customer Service topic for contact information.

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