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Call us at 1-888-826-6342

A new way to monitor and control.

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How Do Layer N Products Work?

Smart Sensors

Sense, store, and process real-time data with superior connectivity


Collect and securely transport data from the sensor layer to the cloud


Continuously collects and process sensor data providing real-time reporting and analytics

Modbus Support

Integrate your existing devices with Modbus for intelligent data transport to the cloud

Wireless Smart Interface

Provides wireless integration of Smart Probes to the Layer N Gateway to create a fully customized wireless solution that fits your application

Mobile Access

Access your data anytime anywhere with an Internet connection

Increasing Flexibility and Agility

Plug & Play

Out of the box solution with one button product pairing.


Access your sensor data on any device, anywhere.

Smart Control

Robust control and decision-making through local edge computing.

Data & Insights

Turn your data into actionable insights that will help influence better decision making.

Data Assurance

Data logging and storage ensures your data is secure in case of communication loss.

Existing Device Support

Integration to your existing devices featuring Modbus for intelligent data transport to the cloud.

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Long Range

Transmission ranges up to 1.2km*(Up to 3.2km* when using external power) *Clear line of sight

Plug & Play

Easily paired to the Layer N Gateway


AES-256 Encrypted wireless keeps your data secure

Smart Sensors  

Smarter Sensors. Smarter Decisions.

Layer N Sensors are built with edge control technology that goes further than any other sensor we’ve built. Elevate the way you collect information and enjoy a better end to end application experience with the Layer N ecosystem.


Layer N Gateways aggregate data from all connected sensors as well as existing Omega devices with Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP granting them secure authentication and provisioning. Only higher-order data processing is transmitted to the cloud for powerful modeling and analytics.

Smart Probes

A wide selection of rugged smart probes for your sensing needs. From non-contact IR sensors to a full range of sensor types including Temperature, Humidity, Process, RTD, Thermocouple, pulse, and more.

Smart Interfaces

Layer N communication interfaces enable wired and wireless communication of Smart Interfaces to the Layer N Smart Gateway to transfer application data directly into the cloud.

Wireless Sensors

Monitor environmental conditions in Temperature, Humidity, Barometric Pressure and Ambient light for monitoring industrial equipment such as freezers, ovens, and furnaces.

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Unify your data into a single hub; connecting and displaying data in one place. Connect existing Omega Devices with Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP/IP for visibility into the cloud.

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Smart Probes

Digital sensors with Edge control functionality comprised of sensing element and embedded intelligence. Capable of performing corrective action.

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Smart Interfaces

Provides wired and wireless connectivity of Smart Probes to the Layer N gateway to create a fully customized wireless solution that fits your application.

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Global Visibility into your Application with the Layer N Cloud

Discover Layer N Cloud

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Data Logging and Storage

Flexible data logging solution from smart sensors to gateway to the Layer N cloud for powerful analysis.

Notifications and alarms

Setup alarms for your devices, and receive email or SMS notifications so you’re always aware of your application’s status.

Accesible via mobile and desktop

Access your application data from anywhere with an internet connection. Mobile or desktop visibility makes it easy to step away

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